Strategic Plan

Vision of Strategy is the development of Economic Relations and Trade

Planning "2023" includes a broad strategic plan in various sectors ranging from construction, infrastructure, real eastate, energy, petroleum, mining, tourism, automotive, transportation, textile, agriculture, food, health, finance, banking, military, defense, security, industrial machinery, vs.

Some of the highlights of our strategic plan are:

  • Providing new jobs in new investments in various sectors.

  • Establishing a common strategic groups in the organization of inter-business between Turkey and Albania.

  • Provide large Turkish investments in Albania in strategic areas for increasing economic cooperation between the two countries.

  • Provision and Selection of serious companies in commercial relations which the two countries.

The ATCC has recently adopted its new Strategy for the years 2013-2023.

This strategic plan for the ATCC has the following objectives:

  • To re-establish a healthy all-encompassing member organisation, based on a platform of Albanian and Turkish SME's, MNC's and large professional companies.

  • To become partner and the organization of choice for the Albanian and the Turkish Government in their efforts to promote and increase trade and investment between both countries.

  • To continue being a leading provider of commercial support services for its members, in particular SME's looking to develop reciprocal business in both countries.

  • To support small start-up and innovative companies in export and inward investment.