Privilege Club

Privilege Programme

A Member-to-Member Promotional Offers Platform

This is a member-to-member programme featuring a number of offers covering useful sectors, from travel to retail and business services. Members can use the Privilege Programme to advertise promotional offers that they have released, exclusively for their fellow ATCCI members.

Some of you may recall that there have been previous loyalty programmes offered by the ATCC. Our priority with the Privilege Programme has been to include a number of new innovative features to make the programme more accessible, more effective and above all, more dynamic in the context of the current turbulent economic climate.

Amongst the new features are:

The possibility for members to use the Programme as a platform to present special offers to the Albanian-Turkish business community;

The possibility to have a stand at one of our bespoke networking events advertising your products and services.

Remember that there is NO COST to members who wish to make an offer available in the Privilege Programme and even if your business is not yet included, it's not too late!

Just contact us to discuss how you would like to actively participate.