President's Message

A sincere message to the friends, members and co-workers of ATCC

Dear ATCC Members, Associates, and Friends, the Albanian Turkish Chamber of Commerce (ATCC) after two years of intensive work was founded in 2013 as a non-profit making organisation to provide its members with a wide range of services targeted at promoting bilateral trade, investment and joint ventures between the Albania and Turkey. As known, Turkey is one of the main actors in the global economy. Turkey is a gigantic economic generator with a capacity of about 1 billion consumers in the world. Its presence in the Balkans primarily in Albania carries a especial importance. Friendship between the two countries exceeds 500 years, and today the strategic bridges between the two countries are growing even more.

As President of ATCC, I'am delighted to take on the duty of promoting the expansion and strengthening of trade and commerce relations between Albania and the Turkey. After the fall of the communist regime in Albania, foreign investments in Albania have gained a especial importance. Over the last ten years, investor confidence and foreign investment in Albania have soared and Albania has become an increasingly important economic player. Being at the crossroads of Europe, Middle East and the Asia, Albania represents tremendous potential for foreign investment in more sectors as construction, infrastructure, real estate, energy, petroleum, mining, tourism, automotive, transportation, textile, agriculture, food, health, finance, banking, defense, security, vs.

Further strengthened by a young population, Albania is an excellent candidate to become a preferred place for Turkish companies to do business in a exellent country as Albania. Seeing that today Albania is turning into a regional strategic factor and our priority as ATCC is the expansion of Turkish investments in Albania. With alternation of new policies and structure to a European country and being a developing country, Albania offers excellent investment climate in many fields. Our main commitment is to guide business in the two countries in the right direction in the economic development of both countries.

Our organization is committed to help Turkish companies expand their businesses into Albania and vice versa. As part of this commitment, we take on the role of an active lobbyist for Turkish companies that have established branches in Albania and for Albanian companies that have commercial relations and interests in the Turkey. We also actively promote new business relationships between Turkish and Albanian companies. I would personally like to thank all of our members for their support, and will ensure that ATCC will continue to actively represent the interest of its members by promoting their individual and common interests and providing the best support and service.

Yours sincerely.

Bledar Qevani