Objectives of ATCC

Objectives are the cornerstones of a strong business

The primary objectives of the ATCC are to:

promote the development of Albanian and Turkish economic relations;

provide a platform for the Albanian and Turkish business communities to network and develop their business and common interests;

promote awareness of the business, commercial, industrial and professional expertise of its members;

provide business and professional guidance or support, where applicable, to its members or Albanian companies considering doing business in the Turkish companies looking to invest in the Albania.

Proposed Chamber activities and initiatives

it is anticipated that a wide range of activities will be initiated in order to meet the above objectives. These will include the following activities:

holding meetings, seminars, conferences and networking events;

building a network of individuals and companies that facilitates and encourages advice, support and the sharing of knowledge;

collecting and distributing relevant business information;

affiliation with or representation on other bodies that would further the interests of the Chamber and its members, both at national and international levels;

discussions with relevant Turkey and Albania authorities on any issues affecting the development of trading and investment between the two countries;

referral of enquiries to Albanian and Turkish official bodies, businesses and professionals, as appropriate;

development of a link that supports communication and networking for all members.