Market Exploration

Explore Business in Albania

Objective :

The aim is to bring a tailored support to Turkish companies looking for partners or potential clients in Albania through an optimized business meeting schedule.


  • Drafting of a database of prospects
  • Scheduling of meetings between the company and the prospects
  • Coverage of the logistics (accomodation, transport, etc)

Enter the Albanian Market - Validated list of contacts

Using our own database, we can provide you with a list of contacts corresponding to the type of companies you want to target in Albania. This validated list of potential commercial partners (clients, distributors, agents, suppliers, etc.) will enable you to identify and contact potential commercial partners in Albania in order to get direct feedback about their interest in working with you.

Looking for a commercial partner in Albania ?

If you are trying to identify an agent or a distributor to develop your business in Albania, we can help you write a customised advertisement in Albanian explaining what you are looking for, and publish it - over a period of 6 months - on our website, in a dedicated section of our i-business magazine, in trade magazines and on specialised websites (optional).

BtoB meetings with selected prospects in the Tirana region

If you are trying to develop your business in the Tirana region, we can help you identify potential commercial partners and organise for you to meet them in Tirana. We can then assist you in the follow-up phase.

Capturing insights and understanding your competitive advantage

Any foreign company that intends to invest in the Albanian market has questions such as:

  • When is the right time to invest?
  • How will we supply these markets?
  • What is our competitive advantage?
  • Will our business model work in Albania as well?

From working with both Multinational Companies and SMEs (small- and medium-sized enterprises), we have learned that a practical approach to conducting a market study gives you all the relevant data you need to take the right decision. We can answer these questions through:

  • Tailor-made research;
  • Our data bases of ready market studies

Albanian Market Research by Sector.