ATCC at a Glance

ATCC the leading actor in the Albanian and Turkish business

Since its founding in 2013, the Albanian Turkish Chamber of Commerce (ATCC) is a not-for-profit organisation independent of any government financial support. ATCC has become the most important private organization for promoting trade and investment between the Albania and Turkey. ATCC mission is to foster and develop increased communication, coordination and investment between businesses in the Albania and Turkey.

The ATCC is an association of companies, individuals and private organisations. Its main aims are to:

Advance industrial and trade relations between the Albania and Turkey. Provide possibilities for promotion and marketing of goods and services in Albania and the Turkey, and throughout Europe through partners in a European network of Chambers. Introduce members to a wide range of professional management expertise and best practice through talks by carefully selected speakers and visits to companies. Provide effective opportunities for promoting goods and services on the recently re-designed website.

Offer sponsorship and strategic partnership opportunities. Provide practical assistance to members activities. Open access between the Albanian and Turkish Chambers to the their events and networks.

Central to this goal is providing a forum for information, advice and lobbying to allow the flow of business and investment between these two nations to run as smoothly as possible. In this age of increased globalization, and with Albania's ever-increasing dominance in Balkans, increased business cooperation is of great value to both nations and their corporations.

ATCC looks both to develop and improve the strength of Albanian businesses and decrease the barriers to entry of Turkish businesses seeking to establish themselves in Albania. In turn, the sustained fluidity of trans-national business operations is at the heart of ATCC's work. In order to achieve this goal, ATCC has adopted strategic plans and services that it seeks to implement. Such plans and services include:

  • Conducting research to determine relevant investment projects in line with expectations of both the Albanian and Turkish companies and to create an environment of open communication.

  • Giving advice to Albanian and Turkish business circles on commercial, economical, financial, industrial undertakings and to prepare proposals for implementation.

  • Advisory services for bilateral trade relations for investments in Albania and Turkey. This consultancy which makes available business bridge between the two countries Albania and Turkey.

  • Taking part in joint efforts with other non-governmental organizations and public authorities in order to attract investors to Albania, and to discover solutions to eliminate legal and institutional bottlenecks faced by Turkish companies investing in Albania.

  • Organizing meetings, conferences, seminars, fairs and workshops about social topics and contents, which will help to facilitate the exchange of information and opinions.

  • Organizing protocol services to related government official visits or other non-governmental organizations and also higher VIP visits, which serve the cooperation between the two countries in economic development.

  • Working in cooperation with other Chambers of Commerce domestic & abroad and professional organizations to eliminate the problems encountered during the application of regulations on the protection of intellectual property rights, international arbitration, competition, standards in bookkeeping and reporting, as well as corporate mergers and dissolutions.

A fast reforming country with focus on the ease of doing business, with its excellent strategic location, free market access, low taxes and great incentives, as well as a motivated, educated and cost competitive work force, Albania is an excellent investment destination.