Direct Marketing

Speed - Efficiency - Result

Identification of your target distributors and partners in Albania. We have developed the successful approach of reaching the target group of the companies for building business cooperation. If you need our assistance in identification of the distributor which is interested in your products, we will be able to help you to reach your business goal with the following approach which proved to be a success with our customers:

Step 1 - Building the target group of distributors of your products, which have a clear experience of marketing similar products. Our analysis will be based on your product profile, your target sales objective in Albania, as it will determine the required turnover of your potential business partner.

Step 2 - Upon approval of the target list with your company, we start the performance of the process of interviews and information exchange: introduction of your company and products, communication of your sales terms and conditions, identification of the interest in your products and finally scheduling the meetings with the companies which are interested in cooperation with your company.

Step 3 - The meetings with selected companies: coordination of your trip and visits, assistance during the visits (optional): if necessary, arrangement of the interpreter, driver, hotel. Meetings de briefs and final selection of the distributor by your company, identification of the next steps and follow up. Described above approach is very straightforward and proved to be successful: company comes to visit the customer with sufficient preparation and knowledge of the market, meets the customers which are already preliminary interested in your products, the products portfolio of selected customers matches your product profile. Upon your company request we provide the business report about your potential customer.